Opportunities to Serve

Discover Exciting Ways to Serve and Volunteer in Our Church

Vineyard Church Nacogdoches is a great source for fun, educational, Christian-based volunteer opportunities. We have an interconnected community of talented people who work together in putting up our weekly service, using their God-given talents to make every session an exciting opportunity to praise the Lord.


Breakfast and Warm Welcome

The breakfast team arrives early to open and set up the lobby, bringing fresh snacks for our continental breakfast. This selection includes pastries, fruits, and other breakfast items.

Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry leaders facilitate weekly church events at the community center along with many other activities throughout the year. We provide a safe, comfortable space for our kids to discuss topical issues, explore their faith, and hang out. Our focus is on helping teens who are homeschooled or are attending middle school and high school at Nacogdoches Independent School District and surrounding institutions.


Children’s Church

After our young participants attend contemporary worship service, they will simply break off for their own kid-friendly Bible lesson. Children’s ministry leaders teach lessons from our curriculum one to two Sundays a month. The topics are prepared and include object lessons, activities, and scriptures. Since many of our first-time guests bring their kids to church, it is important that our volunteers make them feel as welcome as possible.

Worship Team

The music during Sunday morning services is a key component of our worship. The acoustic versions of classic and modern praise favorites truly add to the unique atmosphere of our intimate worship experience. That’s why we especially invite musically inclined individuals to participate in our services.

Details for Interested Participants

Volunteers can jam with our praise team to see if this may be something they are interested in doing on a weekly basis. Each individual can bring their own instrument or choose to sing. Weekly practice is on Thursday evenings from 6:00PM to 7:30PM and Sundays at 8:30AM

Sound and Media

Our audiovisual operators are highly essential to our church productions. Their job is to run the slides and videos, mix the audio, and control lighting during the service. Their attention to detail and familiarity with the equipment, songs, and people on-stage all go together for a pleasant experience.

Roles and Tasks

Our volunteers can opt to work with technical aspects or simply help out with setting up and tearing down equipment before and after services. They will work with the worship team leader, pastor, and other volunteers leading up to services to coordinate and prepare for the technical presentations.

Connect Group Ministry

We’ve got several opportunities to meet during the week and encourage each other on our journeys of faith and growth. Our connect ministry leaders facilitate sessions and share the wisdoms of the Bible with our fellow members.


Get Started

If you’re interested in joining our church events, simply connect with our friendly team today. Look for the following individuals for each respective service:

  • Brenda Ross - Breakfast and Welcome
  • Phil Novak - Youth Ministry and Connect Group Ministry
  • Cindy Cox - Children’s Church
  • Linda Stell - Worship Team
  • Roger Boaz - Sound and Media