Breakfast & Welcome

Our breakfast team arrives early to open and set up the lobby.  They bring fresh snacks for our continental breakfast, including pastries, fruit, and other breakfast foods.

The breakfast team is the first impression guests see of our community and sometimes the first person our attenders visit with on Sunday mornings.

Please contact Brenda Ross if you are interested.

Youth Ministry

Youth ministry leaders are committing to weekly small group with our teens at the community center and community activities throughout the year. Our middle and high schoolers attend Nacogdoches ISD, surrounding schools and homeschool.

Vineyard youth ministry focuses on helping our kids share and grow in their faith. Youth ministry leaders give them a comfortable place to discuss topical issues, explore the faith, and enjoy hanging out in a safe Christian environment.

Contact Phil Novak to learn more.

Children’s Church

Children’s ministry meets Sunday mornings during our regular teaching service. They still get to enjoy our contemporary worship service, then break off for their own kid-friendly lesson.

Children’s ministry leaders commit to one or two sundays a month teaching a lesson from our curriculum. The lesson is prepared and includes object lessons, activities, and scripture.

Since many of our first-time guests bring their kids for church, it is important our ministry leaders make them feel welcome.

Talk with Cindy Cox about helping out.

Worship Team

The music during Sunday morning services is a key component to worship at Vineyard Church.  The acoustic versions of classics and modern praise and worship favorites really add to the unique atmosphere of our intimate corporate worship experience.

If you are musically inclined and want to participate in our services or just want to jam with our praise team to learn more and see if this is a good fit for you bring your instrument or voice to weekly practice Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 7:30pm, Sundays at 8:30 am.

Contact Linda Stell if interested.

Sound & Media

Our audio and visual volunteers are as essential to productions at the Vineyard as anyone on stage.  They run the slides and videos, mix the audio, and control lighting during the service.  Their attention to detail and familiarity with the equipment, the songs, and the people on stage all go together to set the stage for a pleasant experience.

Our volunteers may be very technical or willing to help setting up and tearing down equipment before and after services. They work with the worship team leader, pastor, and other volunteers leading up to services to coordinate and prepare for the technical presentation.

Contact Roger Boaz if interested.

Connect Group Ministry

Here at the Vineyard we have multiple opportunities to meet during the week encouraging each other and growing together.

Contact Phil Novak if interested.